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Clínica Pedralbes

Pedralbes Facial Clinic

PEDRALBES FACIAL CLINIC is unique in its conception. It represents the difficult harmonisation between maximum technological quality and impeccable aesthetics. We believe that excellent functionality does not have to be at odds with pleasant aesthetics.

Our centre is authorised for the practice of Major Ambulatory Surgery (MAS), in the field of cosmetic surgery. The operating room has an ISO 7 performance rating, at the same level as most operating rooms at top-rated hospitals, with a positive pressure ventilation system (25 Pa), and with absolute filters (that is, with air separation through fractional distillation).

It also consists of electrical insulation, a surface of 30 m2, respirator/anaesthesiology control tower for general anaesthesia, defibrillator trolley, state-of-the-art LED surgical lamp with more than 160,000 lux, and direct communication with the sterile material box and the cleaning box with two guillotine windows respectively.

Pedralbes Facial Clinic


Paseo Manuel Girona 14 Bajos 2
08034 Barcelona, Spain

Telephone: 937 634 995 / 622 665 559

Website: pedralbesclinic.com

Centre Maxilofacial

Centre Maxilofacial

The Maxillofacial Centre is the first and only medical centre in Menorca dedicated to Maxillofacial Surgery and Odontology. We combine the two specialties to facilitate the prevention, treatment and maintenance of oral and maxillofacial health with the maximum guarantees. Our aim is none other than to provide our patients, in a personal manner, with the most appropriate treatment for each situation and with the highest quality.

Dr. Manel Coll Anglada is the only Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon resident in Menorca, which allows for the planning, treatment and personalised monitoring of each patient, greater flexibility and care by the surgeon during all treatment phases, catering for and anticipating any issues that may arise during the procedure. All this helps to avoid unnecessary complications and increases success rates.

Dr. Manel Coll Anglada is a specialist in dental implants, oral surgery and cosmetic and facial plastic surgery.

Centre Maxilofacial


C/ Dr Camps 42, bajos, 07760
Ciudadela de Menorca (Baleares), Spain

Telephone: 971 48 44 87

Website: centremaxilofacial.com